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You are keen to remain the Leading Brand and develop market intelligence about your product / service in relation to your competitors.



Managing Environmental, Social and Governance determines your reputation, the level of trust and credibility you deserve in the market. We make measuring that easy.

DIgital Content


The key risk you face is having your Brand story drowning in the noise of the online world. We enable your brand identity to cut through the noise quickly and effectively.

Behaviour Change


Your company's Environmental, Social and Governance Performance generates or destroys trust. Let us show you how you can understand the reputational risks of your brand before its too late.

Why work with us?

The internet is broken. Since 2017 we are all seeing the world differently, and this is breaking the world. Media Bubbles are a clear aspect of this ..... we all live inside them, whether by choice or design.

They matter, Media Bubbles make a difference “Your media bubbles are shaping your reality” Wired.

That's what we do. We deliver a  bias-free understanding of what matters and what drives behaviour. The difference between what you see and how the market behaves, is as fundamental as a reality gap.

Our vision is to enable you to enrich the lives of your customers and stakeholders through deepening the connection you have with their real needs.

Take 90 seconds to familiarise yourself with a new view of what is and is not significant online.

We enable you and your team to make faster, easier more effective strategic decisions about every aspect of your organisation's connection to the real world including:

  • Market Pricing: A bias free view allows for better investment decisions.

  • Product/Market fit: Internal conversations versus what the market values most often differ wildly.

  • Brand Positioning & Tracking: most companies aren’t focused on what drives equity - we can measure and track it using unstructured open source data

  • Government & Political Communications: What needs to be and said and what wants to be heard aren't the same thing. Knowing what matters, matters

  • Recruitment: What drives preference for you as an employer, and what you think is important.

  • Crisis Communications: Making decisions within the ‘fog of war’ is tough. In reality a clear picture always exists exists - we help you lift the fog.

We have a complex set of stakeholders to manage. We need to show, and be, data rich for overseas markets and customers.
— Damien Maden - General Manager - Global Digital (The Woolmark Company)
Significance Systems provides an evidence base from which we can orientate ourselves in various markets. It allows us to gain market intelligence more reliably and quickly than was previously possible.
— David Skellern AO Chair Capital Markets CRC

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