Our Vision

Enabling you to enrich the lives of those whose market you serve.

Our Mission

We enable you to connect to the valuable voices in your market quicker, faster and better by:

  • Developing your capability to leverage the combined power of people using the latest technology
  • Reducing the stress and anxiety of your team
  • Measuring the impact of your communications strategies to effect behavioural change, enable ROI and accountability
  • Reducing the total cost of communications and achieving greater effectivness to deliver better sales and reputation outcomes
  • De-risking significant investments in large scale communication campaigns, brand and stakeholder engagement

Key People and Research Partners 

The key people and research partners of Riskloop have worked together for a number of decades. All have specific expertise and we share a deep desire to see technology enable people to do their job better, smarter and for less cost.

The Significance System Tool Suite brings together the disciplines of algorithmic science and software engineering. In addition to authoring publications our staff and scientific advisors possess decades of real-world experience in applying Artificial Intelligence to complex business problems.

Our SAAS AI platform employs techniques from a range of fields, including deep learning, predictive analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, simulation, and big data analytics.

Our Scientific Advisory Board includes:

  • Mark Jones
  • Dr John Ricketts 
  • Dr Darrell Berry
  • Dr Chris Beare
  • Dr Michael Hitch
  • Aldo Grech

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