Digital disruption or decade of disruption. It really doesn’t matter what we call it. Things are moving very fast. Gaining strategic orientation in such a fast moving world requires a new different perspective.

RiskLOOP Global is all about Breaking-Free from the old paradigm and findings ways to:

  1. Tap into the emotion of a group or subject online
  2. Discover what stories and narratives really resonate with an on-line audience
  3. Work with what is already significant to leverage a message, connect with a group or find common ground with concerned influencers
  4. Predict the strategies that are likely to work

We are using a tried and tested suite of online tools developed by Significance Systems to provide unique insight into markets for Leading Brands,  the environmental & social footprint of a company, organisational reputation especially during a crisis and a myriad of other strategic uses. 

For us, online means using ALL of the available data on the internet, breaking free of the online bubbles created by facebook and google to develop evidenced backed strategies that are likely to succeed. To find out more, drop us a line.

Warm regards | Mark