“Significance Systems offers breakthrough technology which enables Executives and Boards to arrive at evidence-based decisions, using unbiased data sets to de-risk performance.”

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Bias is all around us. The bubbles we live within such as Facebook, Google etc are accelerating their influence upon all aspects of our lives. Their business models are in effect removing us from reality. The result is understanding what a market really sees as an unmet need which has never been more difficult to do.  This is not business as usual. Fundamentally, there is now significantly more risk to every organisation that is trying to get a better more granular view of their "customer".

This is particularly acute for Leading Brands. Our experience and the thousands of narrative runs we have completed globally validate our view that many organisations are losing their connection to the market. They’re no longer market-led, they’re bubble led.

The problems we see in the development of digital content from thousands of runs of our platform include:

  • A significant proportion of content online is "noise" and does not address the market's unmet needs
  • Developing a brief between content client and provider is difficult
  • The processes used to link market engagement Strategy and Execution are not rigorous and do not facilitate accountability
  • Collaboration opportunities to generate brand engagement and communicate directly with the hearts and minds of the market are missed
  • Money and time is wasted chasing the wrong metrics
  • This causes a lot of stress and anxiety in digital marketing and content developers


We offer an intensive two day program where you arrive with a challenge and then use our platform and process to:

  • Develop narratives which enable you to obtain an market orientation around the challenges you face
  • Apply a structure than enables a clarity from strategy to effective execution 
  • Learn together from a group of peers who are doing the same thing, facing the same challenges and applying the same approaches
  • Get "hands on" with the Significance Systems Tools Suite


We use the Significance Systems Tools Suite of products to better connect you to the market enabling you to:

  • Develop your capability to leverage the combined power of people using the latest technology
  • Reduce the stress and anxiety of you and your team
  • Measure the impact of your communications strategies to effect behavioural change, enable ROI and create accountability
  • Reduce the total cost of communications and achieving greater effectivness to deliver better sales and reputation outcomes
  • De-risk significant investments in large scale communication campaigns, brand and stakeholder engagement

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There has never been a toolset with such wide application to crucial corporate tasks: Leading Brands, PR, Marketing, Crisis Managers, Government, Community Relations, Transformation Management, .

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TOKYO - July 2018

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As a business, we appreciate the insight provided by the Ai.agency team. The work we have done with them has been used in multiple markets around the world. By leveraging and interpreting AI based learnings with their partner Significance Systems, we have gained really interesting insights into what makes our customers and partners tick. AI based insights allows me to better fulfil my global role by identifying both global and local opportunities whilst helping our international offices connect deeper with our key partners to drive better outcomes for Australian Wool.
— Australian Wool
We have a strategy and a plan. We spoke with our people and experts. But this won’t convince most Snr. management.
— Shishedo Japan
This is a new weapon for marketers to deliver
better results
— Yoji Kawanabe CMO Mondelez Japan