Competitive  Insight

Challenge: You are part of the marketing team at a leading mobile telephone brand. Your team has been tasked to compare the most compelling attributes of a mobile plan for the top three providers in the market.

How we enable you? Our SAAS AI platform combined with our Competitive Insight mythology makes it easy. You can choose our DRIVER product to analyse those attributes the market finds the most attractive. The we look at how well your brand is performing. 

The result? Firstly there is a lot less stress. We like that and so do our clients. Then there is the evidence base we produce to assist you and your collaborators work through the essence of the value proposition and what may need to be tweaked to make it more compelling in the market. We enable you to derive the evidence online to support data driven conclusions. There has never been a time when understanding the positioning of your brand has never been so complex, yet it is our ambition to make it accessible and easy to understand.

Look at a case study of employer of choice or a comparison of Country Brands; the narratives that drive brand Thailand and its competitors. 

Case Study: IT Employer of Choice


Transformation Project

Challenge: Your brand is fundamentally transforming their business in response to the market. You are eager to build an unbiased evidence base of the unmet needs within the market, to develop new products and service which directly address the needs identified.

How we enable you? There are many choices you can make. Sentiment analysis, focus groups and other forms of research provide useful insights. But are they enough? What if we could rely on an unbiased interpretation of what is happening in the entire market. What if we had a form of intelligence that could neutrally look through the media bubbles and tell you what mattered about key aspects in the market. A LANDSCAPE enables you to identify and predict the enduring unmet needs in a market and whether or not those needs are being met.

The result? You are presented with an evidence base from which to learn and orientate your discovery of the market. You can evaluate which courses of action are likely to connect with different parts of the market and formulate your messaging and narratives accordingly. Once you take action,  we can measure your impact in engaging the markets. No stress strategy and execution without blowing the budget.

Case Study: Credit Card Implementation

Transformationl product.jpg

Behaviour Change 

Challenge: Your marketing and service design team are keen to launch a new product which will require substantial customer behaviour change. Who are the most concerned parties in the market? Which groups may slow down the process of the implementation or derail it entirely?

How we enable you? We enable you to identify the key organisations across your sector. Once identified these organisations are likely to become your  key partners and collaborators with whom you will work to watch your innovation take shape in the market place. You all have mutual "self-interest" and a desire to enable each other to attain an agreed outcome. Together with these organisations you can work through the strategy. Once agreed, we enable you monitor the progress of the implementation as it moves through the adoption curve. Key media and engaging narratives to support the implementation are easily created and monitored.

The result? We empower you as you build credibility and trust with the communities you will impact, uncover where they see the value of your project and what their concerns are likely to be. We also track the performance of your project to deliver change and engagement demonstrating a clear ROI on the implementation effort.

Case Study: The Credit Card Implementation

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