Resource Companies

Challenge: Your Corporate Affairs team are developing a Sustainability Strategy for a new mining / Oil & Gas. Your team are wanting to engage with the key stakeholders and start building trust and empathy.

How we enable you? We enable you to tap into the emotions of the groups who are influential within the community. Find the themes they believe are significant, which media they use and how you might design a strategy that will enable a continuous dialogue, ensuring that both the resource company as well as the stakeholders are engaged.

The result? We empower you as you build credibility and trust with the communities you will impact, uncover where they see the value of your project and what their concerns are likely to be.



Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Challenge: The corporate affairs department is deeply concerned how to respond to a food poising scare. The corporate reputation is on the line and so is Head office!

How we enable you? We empower you to find out fast who is impacted and how significant their voices actually are. You will be able to predict the most likely courses of action based on the analysis and develop an effective strategic response.

The result? We will assist you and your team during the crisis. Daily feeds of the available content and the extent to which your strategy is gaining traction are easy to achieve. The corporate reputation is in good hands when you are able to plan OUTSIDE*in

Case Study: Food Contamination