Challenge: Your policy and service design team are wanting to launch a new policy which will require substantial behaviour change. Who are the most concerned parties in the target market? Which groups may slow down the process of the implementation or derail it completely? Which organisations see mutual advantage and can assist to accelerate the change as a result of collaboration with Government? 

How we enable you? We enable you to find the key organisations and influencers. Who will be your key partners and collaborators, those with whom you will work to watch your changes manifest and meet the policy objectives?

These are the valuable voices already in a "market space". We help you measure their significance and engagement power. Once identified, these organisations have the potential to become part of the strategy and / or the implementation.

The execution capability we provide enables you to track the progress of the implementation as it moves through the adoption curve. Key media and engaging narratives to support the implementation are easily created and monitored. The aim of developing a coherent strategy with effective implementation is achieved.

The result? We empower you as you build credibility and trust within the communities you will impact, uncover where they see the value of your policy and what their concerns are likely to be. We also track the performance of the project to deliver change and engagement. We enable Governments to adopt the standard of Open Government to actively engage with the community to get policy implemented. 

Case Study: The Credit Card Implementation



Challenge: Your political party is heading towards an election. What are the key issues the voters are interested in? Which party is currently ahead in terms of the prevailing views on the key issues?

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How we enable you? We enable a political party to poll the electorate, without surveys, robs-calls and bias.

The result? We can tell you exactly how you are likely to go. We will also throw in some very sophisticated analysis of the key reasons why, the emotional intensity of the electorate.