Riskloop is powered by the unique Significance Systems Tools Suite. Significance Systems’ mission is to deliver utility from the world’s narratives. The tools suite searches the entire internet, analyses all content relative to the narrative inputs, then applies quantitative narrative analysis to identify and understand the key narratives driving engagement with that subject.

Or in other words: Significance Suite provides access to a bias-free machine expert, which reads everything relevant to a subject and then can tell us what really matters. 

The vision of Riskloop is to provide a fact, accurate objective read on the market, to better understand, predict and influence its behaviour.

The Significance Systems platform analyses millions of behavioural interactions with content, to model human interaction with your world, and to offer an objective read on engagement, media power, and the authentic emotional drivers of behaviour. 

Started in Tokyo in 1994, Significance Systems' founders Darrell Berry & John Ricketts developed the idea of ‘social media’ – heralded by Forbes magazine as the earliest example of the concept.

Today, their team brings together commercial, mathematical and software engineering expertise, to deliver data-based communications insight which saves their clients time, effort and budget.

Riskloop Global are proud to work as Business Partners together with Significance Systems

Significance Systems Customers 

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Government customers

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Capital Markets 

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Ai Agency is the Artificial Intelligence Agency that builds bridges between smart machines and people. To work better, smarter and faster.

We work closely with the AI Agency team led by Jason Buckley.  

Ai Agency was specifically created for global marketing and communications, to work in concert with the Ai Technology platforms created by Significant Systems. In short, we simplify the science of using artificial intelligence in the marketing and communications businesses.

We are a new type of agency that marries creativity with hyper-advanced artificial intelligence to discover, define and deploy the most engaging stories (and content) for any brand or issue. We have decades worth of experience in creating highly impactful content. Ai takes it to a whole new level with the power of computational linguistics and quantitative narrative analysis; the science of perfect marketing.