The Significance Systems Tools suite is the most developed SAAS tool available for market analysis today

It is used by Leading Brands globally and Governments to connect the issues impacting the markets in which they operate.

Any language, any time this tool suite works faster, cheaper and better 

This platform is able to create meaning from the narratives available in unstructured data across the internet

Details of the software products


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AI Accelerator

Using AI for understanding unstructured data online is new. So are the capabilities to leverage this tool

Our in-house AI Accelerator includes:

  • Certification

  • Software applied to real challenges

  • Mentoring & Coaching

  • Ongoing Evaluation

  • External Validation

  • Library Development

Use cases are explained under What we do


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Like flying a plane, iPLAN is our approach to how people interact with AI to develop their own cockpit to guide them through the landscape of strategic decision-making

During our Certification program we run through each aspect of iPLAN and apply this to specific challenges

Investigate: What is the hypothesis, what are the existing tools, who is involved

Prepare: The right tool from the suite available

Learn: From the insights the tool provides

Action: Is agreed based on the evidence base provided

Nurture: Enables the team to consult the AI to better understand progress

We call this process a Risk-LOOP. This is how we de-risk strategic decision making

For more information come to our Certification