A second opinion on ways to better understand your Environmental, Social and Governance Issues.


'Look under the hood'

In the same way that a doctor uses MRIs and blood tests to quickly identify the hidden problems that can harm your health, we use a 'Look under the hood' to identify the fastest and cheapest ways to orientate your team to the existing emotional and social impressions concerning your organisation or client's environmental, social & governance challenges. We provide a benchmark review with Good Practice and give you some suggestions as to how you can gain deeper insight more faster and cheaper.

How are you really seen?

We provide access to the worlds most sophisticated Artificial Intelligence platform in order to: show you what people really think. We provide an objective analysis of the way you are perceived by everyone who is significant and online. Our software will show you what people like and particularly what they dislike about the actions which you have undertaken as a company.


OUTSIDE*in .... step#1 discover* 

  • Discover the issues most relevant to you or your client’s business
  • Gauge the significance (value) of content / online engagement
  • Obtain evidence to support strategic decisions
  • Reliably measure your project, company and your market’s unmet needs in an unbiased way
  • Benchmark your organisation versus another for any attribute

OUTSIDE*in .... step#2 analyse*

  • Analyse the issues
  • Predict strategies likely to be successful
  • Obtain evidence to support strategic decisions
  • Develop a fundamental understanding of the way the market currently sees Environmental, Social and Government Issues

Strategy Development


OUTSIDE*in .... step#4 measure*

Measure the performance of your desired strategy on a daily, weekly & monthly basis the Significance Systems tools suite.

  1. Significance Landscape
  2. Significance Narrative Analysis
  3. Significance Drivers
  4. Significance Content

Get your FREE CONTENT delivered daily/ weekly on range of subject areas as diverse as politics, science of technology, business, health covering all of the following narratives or contact us to get your own tailored feeds:

  • Work life balance
  • Gig economy
  • Climate Change
  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Trump
  • Brexit
  • Antibiotics Resistance
  • Uber
  • Luxury retail

OUTSIDE*in .... step#3 action*

Create the desired strategies by:

  • Weighing up the options likely to succeed 
  • Testing strategies against the evidence